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Eat at a 50% discount, save the planet


Save Your Wallet

Meals are always at least half the original price!


Save the Planet

A little effort means a lot, be a part of our zero food waste movement!

How it works

Download our app to discover delicious deals
Choose the food you like and pay on the app
Pick up your food within the given time window
We aim to benefit all our stakeholders 

Oreka is an app based marketplace where restaurants, bakeries, cafes, and groceries sell their surplus foods to consumers at a 50% or more discount. Oreka generates sales for food retailers while introducing them to new customers, provides fresh and tasty foods at great value for consumers and protects the environment through reducing food waste. It's a win-win-win for all stakeholders in the Oreka ecosystem.

Join us and start
Save the Planet

About a third of all food produced is wasted globally. Food waste is of paramount importance in our region where agricultural land is rapidly shrinking, climate change is intensifying and natural resources are limited!