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We are confronted with a magnitude of issues on a daily basis, and the solution to most lies within our reach. As Oreka, we are devoted to solve one of the more critical issues of food waste. Unfortunately, a third of the food produced globally is wasted. In our opinion, wasting enough food to feed 2 billion people for a year in a world where 815 million people are starving is unacceptable. 

Food waste is not only a missed opportunity to tackle the world hunger problem; it's also wasting the precious water, energy and human labour across the whole value chain starting from production until consumption. Food waste is of paramount importance in our region where agricultural land is rapidly shrinking, climate change is intensifying and natural resources are limited!

Oreka steps in at a time where change is a must. 

Image by Esther Wechsler
Image by Shane Rounce

As Oreka, our mission is to eliminate food waste. We believe that small actions have big consequences and everyone can take part in it to leave a greener world to the future generations. We know attitudes are hard to change, but that's what we're here for and we believe that we'll make it! 

So what is it that we do? We are an app based marketplace where restaurants, bakeries, cafes, and groceries sell their surplus foods to consumers at a 50% or more discount. Oreka generates sales for food retailers while introducing them to new customers, provides fresh and tasty foods at great value for consumers and protects the environment through reducing food waste. It's a win-win-win for all stakeholders in the Oreka ecosystem.

Join us and together let's eliminate one of the most important issues we face globally!