A third of all food produced is wasted...

There is more to food waste than we think we know...


A third of all food produced globally is wasted.




Globally 1.3 million tons of food, equivalent to 41 tons per second, is wasted annually



Food waste equals 1 trillion dollars in losses annually.



This 1.3 million tons of food is sufficient to feed 2 billion people for a whole year. This is unacceptable in a world where there are 815 million hungry people. 

Wasted food items produce copious amounts of methane gas as they rot. Current level of greenhouse gas emissions from wasted food items almost equals that of road transport.

When food is wasted as is the precious water, energy and human labour across the whole value chain. 

We’re doing our best to make a change, join us in our effort!

Oreka is making a giant leap towards a waste free world with its mission of eliminating food waste.

As Oreka we believe that, small actions have big consequences and everyone can take part in it to leave a greener world to the future generations.

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